JUN 03

SDH wireless network for mobile operator Cosmofon

The installation of SDH wireless network for mobile operator Cosmofon is in progress. More than 20 links have been installed so far.

MAY 25

TN-TV FM transmitter for Antenna5

A 1000 W FM transmitter manufactured by TN-TV has been installed on Boskija (Macedonia) for the Antenna5 national FM network.

About Us

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We specialize in design and planning of FM and TV networks, and also supply, installation and maintenance of broadcasting equipment from renowned European manufacturers. We also have large experience in designing, installation and maintenance of digital and analog radio links of up to 14 GHz.

In the 16 years of our existence we have implemented 6 national networks (4 TV and 2 FM) which cover more than 80% of the population in Macedonia. We have also implemented and currently maintain the TV network for ALSAT in Albania and a number of local TV and FM stations.

Since recently, we have expanded our activities to design, manufacturing and maintenance of our own FM transmitters up to 2000 W (which are currently used by the biggest national FM broadcasters).



Broadcasting equipment from

We design and manufacture the "teoharov" series of FM transmitters.