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TN-TV company has been established in 1993 as one of the first companies for telecommunication and electronic engineering in R.Macedonia. The company is a result of the founder's expertise and experience gathered through a long career in telecommunications and the wish for providing first-class services for the telecommunication market.

We have the same mission today – providing uncompromising signal quality and network stability over the projected coverage area and providing timely and quality service and support for our clients.

In our 30 years of successful operation, the following activities have been implemented:
- Design, installation and maintenance of all privately owned national analogue TV networks in Macedonia (A1, Sitel, Telma, Alsat-M and Kanal 5);
- Design, installation and maintenance of 2 national radio networks in Macedonia (Antenna 5, Metropolis Radio), as well as a number of local radio stations;
- Design, installation and maintenance of regional analogue TV networks in Macedonia (Alfa TV, TV duo, Cegrani TV, Koha TV....);
- Design, installation and maintenance of TV network in Albania (Alsat);
- Digital Transmitter Installation in Albania;
- Procurement and installation of the first DVB-T test transmitter in Macedonia - Skopje;
- Installation and commissioning of over 30 SDH links in Macedonia for Cosmofon mobile operator;
- Supply, installation and installation of digital HD mobile link for national broadcaster MRTV;
- Installation of over 150 TV and FM antenna systems;
- Production and commissioning of own series FM transmitters for national radio stations (over 20 transmitters from 20W to 2kW);
- Retuning and adjustment of active and passive DVB-T equipment
- 24/7 expert and technical support for biggest DVB-T network equipment in Macedonia (One.VIP)
- Production and sale of HIGH END audio equipment (amplifiers, speakers and cables) under the brand teoharov

Providing the best possible working environment for our employees is as important to us as providing the best possible services for our customers. The expertise of our team is kept at top level by regular training locally and at our partners' and suppliers' centers.

Our offices, laboratory and service center are located in Skopje.

TN-TV laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring instruments from most prestigious manufacturers, which provide relevant measurements and service of DVB-T, FM, as well as digital and analog microwave links to the highest standards.

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